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Joining the Crusade

Purple Iris is a new retail destination featuring organic, sustainable clothing & products, designed to raise awareness for our planet and our future.

Doing our part

We support, the world’s largest recruiter to the environmental movement creating My Planet, My Closet, designed to raise awareness on sustainable fashion.

Helping the Earth

Purple Iris is committed to providing clothing options that people feel good in and clothes that people can feel good about buying through our sustainable practices and renewable resources.

Inspiring children

We support the Pajarito Environmental Education Center; who enrich people’s lives by strengthening their connections to nature in our canyons, mesas, mountains, and skies.

Changing the World one step at a time

We only buy products from like-minded distributors who are ecologically and socially responsible.

We are a member and contributor of, The Nicodemus Wilderness Project, and the Pajarito Environmental Education Center.

We support local as well as national, non-profit organizations whose focus is on educating our youth.

Be kind to all kinds, Speak the truth, have an attitude of gratitude, set a good example, and Pay it forward.






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