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To us sustainability is an ethical responsibility that ensures that the processes that we utilize to create the clothing and accessories we love are a net positive for everyone involved. This means from creation to customer purchase we minimize the harmful impacts for workers, consumers, and our planet that have become prevalent in fashion production. 

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Our Mission

Purple Iris is an Earth conscious boutique focused on honoring and celebrating the beauty of our shared planet and home. This means that we care deeply about what materials and processes  are being used to create the clothing that we wear each and every day. We support education about the importance of sustainability and involvement of future generations in the joy of being connected to the Earth.

How We Give Back

We are a mission oriented clothing brand and store that is dedicated to preservation efforts and education about sustaining our planet for future generations. We are all in this together which is why we choose to support non profit organizations aligned with our mission at every level, community, state, and national. Allowing our children to interact with the beauty of nature creates the opportunity to understand and appreciate the importance of being kind and caring to our planet.

Environmental Education

Purple Iris was created to inspire a connection between people and the beauty that surrounds us in this world. By remaining grounded and present in nature we believe that this is an environment that acts as a source of healing for all. We want to allow future generations to enjoy the same opportunity to connect with the natural world, which is why we continue to work with non profit organizations that enable this experience for our youth.

Fairtrade Textiles

Fairtrade Textiles help address the disparity that occurs so commonly in “fast fashion”. This includes creating safety standards and overseeing regulations so that workers are protected on the job and the hours they work are fair. Certified Fairtrade practices ensure a living wage and elected employee representatives that validate that these standards are being met.

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