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7 Major Benefits of Buying Organic Clothing

Did you know that 64% of Americans think we must prioritize protecting the environment? You can start with your closet if you're hoping to do your part to build a better world. That's because investing in natural clothing is one easy way to help save the environment.

Read on to learn about the 7 major benefits of buying organic clothing!

1. Help Reduce Emissions

Fossil fuels, which release carbon dioxide (CO2), contribute to climate change — and they're an unfortunate byproduct of typical farming practices. The excess CO2 in the air traps heat and triggers global warming. And global warming harms ecosystems on our planet.

But organic farming, by contrast, doesn't rely on fossil fuels to enable production. In fact, organic farming aims to reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. On top of that, organic farming doesn't require pesticides or fertilizers, or nearly as much water.

When you're shopping for organic clothing, you're helping to support a healthier approach to farming. You can feel good knowing that you aren't contributing to CO2 emissions or draining natural resources.

2. Support Higher Ethical Standards

Consider the people who help produce the cotton used in conventional clothing. They may be applying pesticides and fertilizers to help their crops grow.

With fertilizer sprays circulating in the air, farmers are exposed to dangerous chemicals on a daily basis. And the problem worsens during critical times of the season, like harvest, when farmers are more active in the fields.

When you get organic clothes, you'll support better standards for the farmers producing the materials for your clothing. You'll also support the workers making the clothing. Those making organic garments are paid fairly and work in healthier environments.